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Dog Blog and Facebook :-)

Hi all! Thank you for reading this. I must admit I find it hard to find time these days to keep the blog going. Its been a long time since I last wrote, so I thought, and I think the … Continue reading

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Mia finds a wonderful family….

  This is not an easy post to write, but bear with me. We made the very difficult and tearful decision to allow Mia to go to a new home recently. She has been with the most stunning, fabulous family … Continue reading

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The ‘Ruby-Shoes’ are on their way! – 24th Jan 13′

Hi!!! Its been a while. I will promise to turn over a new leaf and keep this blog updated but the i’ve said that before So much happens, and then arrived Facebook in my life… and the blog seems to … Continue reading

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Mamma Mia!!

After a fairly long drawn out whelping, Mia’s babies have arrived! They were born through the night on friday night and into saturday morning. What a lovely lovely family they are and what a gorgeous natural mother she is being…. … Continue reading

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Mia is in pup!

….. I do apologise, since I discovered the *wonders* of Facebook, the poor old blog has suffered terribly! This is something I am determinned to get on as by god a lot happens month to month here… but todays news … Continue reading

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