Training and Behavioural Articles

Dogs are NOT children in fluffy coats, they are complex creatures. WE, many many generations ago, removed them from the wild and domesticated them. In doing so we complicate them. We have them lose their natural behaviours, and make judging them as ‘wild animals’ or even ‘pack animals’ very difficult because many of their natural instincts are a dim and distant memory, only to return when under huge stress, and often only the negative parts as regards a family or pet dog.

I hope these articles, which I will add to over time, will help.


‘The Terrible Teenage Stage…?’  🙂

Playbiting/Mouthing and adrenaline

‘The Real Dangers of playing Fetch’

‘Lockdown’ Puppy and older dog help

Boundary *Guarding* and protective Barking

Sensible Socialising to prevent an OVERsocial Labrador 

Building a relationship / Preventing Possessiveness/Guarding

Our Dog/Puppy trashes stuff!!!

Canine Communication   –   ‘Speaking Fluent Dog!

 Pulling on the Lead – A HUGELY common problem…

‘Are all Chocolate Labradors untrainable?’

Can Show Bred Dogs Work? & the ‘Dual Purpose’ Labrador

‘One Hump or Two?’ Canine ‘Humping’ Discussed….

Dogs as Individuals….

 ‘Lack of a Natural pack Leader’

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