Buying a Pup?

….At this, the most crutial of times, and often the most confusing of times, read the following pages for help in finding a ‘reputable’ breeder and things to ask them to try and increase your chances of a happy, well bred, healthy companion for the next 14 years!


Sensible Socialising  –  Not creating an OVERsocial Labrador!

Should I buy a Dog or a Bitch puppy??

 Building a Relationship / Preventing Possessiveness

FAQ on Buying a Puppy

Questions to ask a Breeder

‘Types’ of Labradors – Chunky or Lean?

Puppy Exercise -: How Much is TOO much?

My Puppy/Dog destroys stuff!!!

Should you Keep a Puppy ‘home’ during its Innoculations?

Labrador Breed Clubs

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