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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for putting the working test dates up each year, it’s very much appreciated by me. I live in Ireland,, but like to come over for tests once a year and your list draws everything together.

  2. valermth says:

    Well written! Thanks

  3. Tracy says:

    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know what a lifesaver your website has been for us. We have just had our first litter of 10 black labradors.Things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I hoped they would, with the bitch being totally afraid of her new pups. We were getting so worried about everything but then I found your website, and things suddenly didn’t seem so scary. We followed all your advice and managed to calm down about the whole situation . We now have the most beautiful litter being looked after by their amazing mum,it really is an absolute joy to see. The way you explained things was great and it is so nice that you don’t have the “only experienced breeders should do this” attitude . Thanks again for all your wise words, I’m sure I’ll be a constant visitor to your website.

  4. Toddy says:

    I just wanted to post a “thank you” for your lengthy post about puppies and diarrhoea!
    I have a ‘Malador’ (Lab X Malamute) bitch at 12 weeks old, and you definitely saved me the cost of a visit to the vets. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. :)
    All the best,

  5. Marcia Howells says:

    My 1st litter (4 Toy Poodles)) and I live on my own. Your information about puppies has not only been so supportive and encouraging that things are going well and ‘do not panic’, Its better than any ‘offical’ site or any book.
    Can’t thank you enough.
    Hoping all continues to go well, 3 weeks now!

  6. Sonia says:

    Your FAQs section is absolutely brilliant – so glad I found it on day 2 post delivery of 6 pups (all girls!) to our black lab. The advice is already proving invaluable – clear, down to earth & totally reassuring – it will be my bible from now on- you should consider a book – I would have bought it! I bought Book of the Bitch – which was ok but not as helpful or informative as reviews suggested – whereas your FAQs are all of that and more. Thanks for sharing your obvious expertise in such an accessible and sensible way,

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  8. Hi Diane, I just wanted to say I really appreciate your FAQ advice section, its the most balanced and sensible thing I’ve read – my bitch whelped overnight on 1/7/15 , first litter for her and us. All 5 pups were accepted by her straight away and ‘seemed’ to be feeding. Most of what you said resonated – I made the mistake of getting overinvolved in the early stages, thinking it would help my girl but found she became stressed – though not at that time realising it could have been down to me!
    She was panting excessively, wouldn’t settle and was moving her puppies around in her space, apparently aimlessly – at the time I was concerned this wasn’t ‘normal’ and maybe she would reject or harm the pups. As we had already been advised to visit the vets post whelping for a ‘check up’ ( on their advice at a pre birth check ), toddled off with my girl, puppies and queries and concerns and came away having paid for an xray to check no unborn pups, an oxytocin injection to ‘kick start her milk’, armed with puppy milk and informed about ‘failing’ puppies, and advised to start 2hrly feeds as my girls milk hadn’t come in!
    I see now that my common sense went out the window for a while and we had a stressful day yesterday trying to force feed sleepy little sausages with round fat tums.
    Last night, and close to tears I called on a lady I know who has bred lots of litters – she echoed pretty much exactly what you have advised, looked at every pup and declared them well fed, content and mum doing everything we could expect of her. She encouraged me to move the whelping box to a quieter area, back off and let mum do her job. Since then I have popped in to check on them all but otherwise gone about my day within our home – they are all fine and fingers crossed will remain so.
    I will supplement mum with the baby milk as she is not interested in leaving the pups at all and isn’t really interested in the dried puppy food I’ve been feeding her on pre birth – unless laced with chicken, tripe, salmon etc when all she does is pick this out!
    Once again, thank you, I only wish I’d come across your article pre whelping as I can now see that I’d read so much about potential problems and was doubting my own judgement at that stage.
    I know things wont necessarily be plain sailing from here on but thanks to you feel I’ve got perspective back and hopefully this will remain! I am adding yoyr site to my favourites so I can look you up first in future
    kind regards

  9. Julie says:

    My first litter of Cocker Spaniels were born last week. 11 but we lost 3 by day 4. Before they were born I spent ages researching the whelping process etc. (it was 30years since previous one). I so wish I had found your page re ‘after whelping’ before. Total common sense. All the info I needed. I live in France and my vet speaks some English and I speak some French but things get lost in translation. I spoke to a couple of people here that have had litters and they made me paranoid for a few hours after listening to them. Anyway just to say I like your website very much and I also own a couple of chocolate labs 14 & 12 and love the idea of PAT dogs. Many thanks for putting my mind at rest on a few things. Gotta go, Lulu sounds like she is sitting comfortably on one of her babies….LOL.

  10. Peter Rae says:

    Thank you so much for such a worry-free and informative post. My wife Helen and I had done all our research and our beautiful Border Collie Alba had her first litter last night – they came FAST! So it was wonderful to have your page as an easy reference point as all the research flew out of our heads!
    Thank you again.

  11. Kate Comaish says:

    I just wanted to say what a joy your website is. My cocker spaniel has just had her first litter, and in addition to reading the book of the bitch, I cast around on the internet for extra tips and clarification. There are some very good sites, and some where the breeders positively attack people for not knowing it all before they begin – a silly attitude when a lot comes with experience. You questions and answers page was one of the best I came across. Calm, informative and non judgemental, not to mention the fact that you highlighted that these things worked for you but were not black and white the only way to go. 6 very healthy puppies, one relaxed mum and a tired but happy owner, so thank you!

  12. Caron Mclaughlin says:

    Thank you so much for your very helpful articles! I finally got some sleep last night after reading your views on puppy rearing thanks again xxx

  13. Thank you soooo much for the working test dates! Much appreciated, and helps Judy and I plan our trips over to the UK for wt in the ‘wt season’.

  14. Diana says:

    Thank you Ann, that’s very kind of you :-)

  15. Ann Sizer says:

    Hello. We have never met or spoken but I always recommend your stud when I am asked about chocolate Labrador puppies. I have a lovely 7yr old boy whose sire was Deeds and he was bred by Elizabeth Parker. He is also a litter brother to Canine Partners’ Geri. I have just recommended your stud once again as see Tom has a current litter and one due in January and for the first time I have found myself reading your website in the greatest of detail. I have come to realise that my boy’s ‘humping’ issues come under the ‘village idiot’ banner which did make me laugh because he is the clown of my group and although I have always considered my two girls to be of strong character it surprised me how much my 13yr old girl resembles Dylan’s personality in being the dominant one. She put pup in his place straightaway when he tried to drink from the water bowl when she was there and he has had the greatest of respect for her ever since. Her quiet demeanor makes her seem aloof although she is much loved by the pack but she always saves her ‘smiles’ for me – I just love Labradors!

  16. Mel says:

    Amazing advice all in one place. I totally love your attitude and thank you so much for some great tips. I have been ‘helping out’ a bit too much probably. My ddb bitch had pups four days ago, we lost one on day 3 and she is refusing her whelping box, preferring instead to feed her nine pups on the sofa. Bit of a nightmare but we are turning the sofa into her safe place. She is a madam for sitting on them though and i hear them squeal and have to step in. 😳😳

  17. noelle kirwin says:

    hi found your web site very helpful my chocolate girl had pups at the end of Jan 2014 as it was our first time at breeding we have really enjoyed the experience we just now need some viewings and hopefully sell these lovely boys and girls all choc (dark brown) just read your web for further information noelle

  18. Paula says:

    Feeling so much better about my 10 month old social butterfly after having read your articles on control and determined to develop her (already reasonable but not foolproof!) recall. Thank you so much for sharing these words of wisdom.

  19. I had enjoyed your website before, but was revisiting to read the new section “on buying a puppy”.

    Great work, easy to read, interesting and true!

    Would you allow us to post a link on our site, different breed but so much common ground.

    Great to hear of your success trialling this season.


  20. Sally says:

    Really enjoyed your article on linebreeding/inbreeding, thank you!

  21. Now I spend quite some time here and I must say: I like ;-) Here in Germany you don’t see many good working chocolate Labs and I agree with you that most dogs are breed for “Pet-Purpose-Only”. I think that’s a shame and I really hope to keep my very keen and “eager to work” young chocolate boy happy and interested in the training. So it’s really nice to see that there are some breeders out there who are willing to give them a fair chance! Many greetings from good old Germany! Nadine

  22. SARAH STEPHENS says:

    We have to say that no amount of thanks can be said we got chosen by our Duke our boy our Angel, Dad is Bond and Mum is Ripple without Di’s help we would of given in looking. We have to say he is smashing chap, stubborn, mischevious, loving, loyal he is only 6 months but my goodness what a boy. I have looked at pics of his Daddy and noticed certain ways they are the same.
    I love the website my only wish is Di was closer to us lol YOU GOTTA MOVE DI lol anyway have to say have learnt loads of Di and Dukes breeder :) And Di always answers any daft questions I have So thank you Di your a star xxxx

  23. familiarity breeds content, love your pictures.

  24. lovely site. your dog Fish looks beautiful and I like his breeding. I knew the Charway Labradors and Janice Pritchard. Good Luck to you and your dogs x

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