Kitehill Klay of Wylanbriar –  Clay


 Hips Awaited, Elbows Awaited,  BVA/KC Eyes Awaited

CNM DNA: Clear,  PRA DNA:  Clear    EIC DNA: Clear   SD2 DNA:  Clear

(Highhouse Ferto  x  Killyrudden Folie at Kitehill)

DOB: 24.06.2019   –  Chocolate not carrying Yellow

Registration number:   AW02301104

‘Clay’ – A strong, outgoing, thoughtful young dog. Smart, fast, with real drive to train and learn yet very loyal and loving. He is predominantly working bred, which of course is unusual in a chocolate. He is starting his training and is coming along very nicely and I hope he will both join the picking up team and maybe compete in the future. Watch this space!  :-)

To view Clay’s (Eventual) Upcoming Litters click *here*!

 Clay’s photo gallery, to view the full sized photos please click on the thumbnails:

Highhouse Ferto FTW Blackthorn Ilmarinen of Drakeshead FT Ch Drakeshead Indiana
GB & Int FT CH Blackthorn Ascella
Highhouse Laurel FT Ch Drakeshead Logo
Yarrowmarker Purdey
Killyrudden Folie at Kitehill FTAW Verrad Firefly FT Ch Levenghyll Isle of Arran
Verrad Chocolate Maiden
Killyrudden Faeroe (Open WT Winner) Wingbeat Skipper
Killyrudden Kellie

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