Wylanbriar Hideaway   –   Oleg


Photo at 6 months

 Hips, Elbows, BVA/KC Eye test:    Awaited

Optigen DNA:  Clear by Parentage.    Other DNA tests:   Awaited

(Bedgebrook Never Say Never to Wylanbriar  x  Bedgebrook Shamrock at Wylanbriar)

DOB:  13/03/2015   –  Yellow Dog

KC Registration Number:  AS00754601

‘Oleg’ –  Thrilled to have bred such a kind, motivated dog, from two of our Field Trial Winners here at Wylanbriar, Otter and Bondy.

Oleg’s early training is showing a lot of promise, he is proving to be a pleasing combination of his fathers biddability and his mothers drive, and we hope his lovely trial pedigree will continue to shine through as he progresses. He’s proving keen to learn, bold and strong. He is also an affectionate, sweet dog who lives to carry things around!

Oleg’s photo gallery, to view the full sized photos please click on the thumbnails:

FTW Bedgebrook Never Say Never to Wylanbriar FT CH Bedgebrook Excalibur FT CH Hamlot Zealot of Highseas
Muddymile Dunlin of Bedgebrook
Mansengreen Hobby of Bedgebrook FT CH Tasco Monk of Mansengreen
Sebow Dora
FTW Bedgebrook Shamrock at Wylanbriar FT CH Eastdale Harry FT CH Greenbriar Viper of Drakeshead
Daughting Dulcie of Eastdale
Bedgebrook Mole FT CH Bedgebrook Excalibur
Altiquin Gazelle of Bedgebrook (IKC)

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