I am just selecting a few of our proudest moments to add here as and when they happen in recent times we actually started competing with the dogs in (showing) 1994 and (working tests) in 1995.

Just SOME of the memorable competition days with the dogs:



Bondy  –   15th October 2014
3rd:   Isle of Wight Gundog Club  –  Open Field Trial – Gatcombe, IOW


Ray  –  Thursday 9th October 2014
4th:  UGS – Eastern Counties  –  Novice Field Trial – Ampton, Suffolk

Ray  –  Tuesday 7th October 2014
Guns Choice:  Cambridgeshire Field Trial Society  –  Novice Field Trial – Suffolk



Otter  –   3rd September 2014
COM & Guns Choice:  The Yellow Labrador Club  –  All Aged Field Trial – Nevill Holt, Leics


Bondy  –   2nd September 2014
3rd:   UGS HBB  –  All Aged Field Trial – Cuffley, Herts


Otter  –   23rd August 2014
4th:   UGS Kent & East Sussex Open Walked up on FT lines Test – Orsett, Essex



Bondy  –   14th June 2014
4th:   UGS Kent & East Sussex Open Water Test – Ashburnham, East Sussex

sendinglebond (Medium)

Ray  –   14th June 2014
2nd:   UGS Kent & East Sussex Novice Water Test – Ashburnham, East Sussex

Ray  –   8th June 2014
COM:   SEGS Novice Water Test  –  Isenhurst, East Sussex


Bondy  –   8th June 2014
3rd:   SEGS Open water Test – Isenhurst, East Sussex


Otter  –   4th May 2014
COM:   URC Southern Open test – Hurst Green, East Sussex



Bondy  –   27th April 2014
(Team) 3rd:   Intercounties Open Team Competition representing Dukeries (Notts) Gundog Club –  Isenhurst, East Sussex.



Fish  –   3rd January 2014
3rd:   Essex Field Trial Society All Aged Field Trial – Great Livermere, Suffolk



Bondy   –    29th/30th October 2013
COM:  Arun and Downland – 2 Day Open Field Trial – Beaulieu,  Hants



Bondy   –    5th May 2013
2nd:  URC Southern – Open Working Test – Peasmarsh, East Sussex



Otter   –    10th March 2013
COM:  UGS West Sussex, Hants & Surrey – Open Working Test – Horsham, West Sussex

File0003 (Medium)


Fish   –   29th/30th October 2012

3rd:  East Anglian LRC  –  2 Day Open Field Trial  –  Ampton, Suffolk

Bondy   –   29th/30th October 2012

3rd:  Arun & Downland Gundog Society  –  2 Day Open Field Trial  –  Beaulieu, Hants

Photo0160 (Medium)


Otter   –    13th October 2012
1st and Guns Choice!!:  Southern Golden Retriever Club – Novice FT – Ulcombe, Kent

Bondy   –    25th August 2012
2nd:  UGS Kent & East Sussex – Open Walked up on FT Lines Test – Orsett, Essex

Otter   –    18th August 2012
COM:  SEGS – Novice Walked up on FT lines Test – Balcombe

Otter   –    12th August 2012
4th:  United Retriever Club – Special Puppy Test – Bucks

Otter   –    5th July 2012
2nd:  Labrador Retriever Club – Special Puppy Test – Herefordshire

Otter   –    24th June 2012
2nd:  URC Essex – Special Puppy Test – Nr Colchester, Essex

Fish   –    2nd June 2012
2nd:  SEGS – Open Water Test – West Grinstead, West Sussex


Otter   –    13th May 2012
2nd:  UGS HBB – Puppy Test – Hertfordshire

Bondy   –    12th May 2012
2nd:  UGS Kent & East Sussex – Open Water Test – Isenhurst, East Sussex

Fish   –    8th April 2012
COM:  UGS Surrey, West Sussex & Hants – Open Test – West Grinstead, West Sussex

Bondy   –    22nd December 2011
COM:  UGS All Aged Area Finals – Kirton., Suffolk

Bondy   –    11th November 2011
1st!!!!:  UGS Kent & East Sussex Novice Trial – Blackmore, Essex

Bondy   –    7th October 2011
COM:  UGS West Sussex, Surrey & Hants Novice Trial – Firle, Lewes, East Sussex

Fish  –   6th October 2011
1st:  UGS Kent & E. Sussex Novice Trial – Knowle, Maidstone, Kent

Bondy  –   10th September 2011
3rd:  UGS Kent & E. Sussex All Aged Trial – Orsett Shoot, Essex

Bondy  –   6th September 2011
2nd:  UGS Herts, Beds & Bucks All Aged Trial – Brook Farm, Cuffley, Hertfordshire

Bondy –  28th August 2011
4th Individual:  Oxted and Edenbridge Southern Retriever Challenge, Felbridge, West Sussex

Bondy –  3rd July 2011
1st (Team)  &  2nd Highest scoring dog!!:  UGS Area Finals Open Test, Worthing, West Sussex

Bondy –  12th June 2011
4th:   UGS Kent & East Sussex Open Water Test, Isenhurst, East Sussex

Bondy –  22nd May 2011
1st !! :   URC Bucks Area Open Test, Theale, Bedfordshire

Bondy –  8th May 2011
COM:   URC Southern Open Test, Ashburnham, East Sussex

Bondy –  27th January 2011
2nd:   Guildford WGC Novice Stake, Cocking, Midhurst


Fish –  24th January 2011
4th:   Isle of Wight Gundog Club Novice Stake

Bondy –  7th January 2011
COM  &  ‘Guns Choice':   Arun & Downland Novice Stake –  Bereleigh

Bondy –  30th November 2010
‘Guns Choice':   Arun & Downland Novice Stake – at 18 months old

Bondy –  29th August 2010
3rd:   United Retriever Club: Buckinghamshire Area – Special Puppy Test

Bondy –  11th July 2010
COM  (5th):   United Retriever Club: Hants & South West – Special Puppy Test

Bondy –  3rd July 2010
COM  (5th):   Arun & Downland Gundog Society – Special Puppy Test (Up to 24 months – Bondy is 14 months… grin!)

Bondy –  17th June 2010
1st Place:   Labrador Retriever Club – Special Puppy Test

Fish –  11th July 2010
4th Place:   United Retriever Club: Hants & South West – Special Puppy Test

Fish –  17th June 2010
2nd Place:   Labrador Retriever Club – Special Puppy Test

Fish –  24th April 2010
3rd Place:  Bakadam Gundog Club Novice Test  (and Top Labrador)


Mallie –  April 2009
4th:  KSSLRC – Open Test

Mallie –  July 2008
COM:  Hampshire Gundog Society – Open Water Test

Mallie – May 2008
1st Place:  Guildford Working Gundog Club – Intermediate Test

Mallie –  September 2007
1st Place:  Utility Gundog Society W. Sussex, Surrey & Hants – Novice Test

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Jade –  June 2009
1st: Labrador Retriever Club – Novice Water Test

Jade –  June 2008
4th: URC Southern – Novice Water Test

Jade –  Feb 2008
COM: URC Southern – Intermediate Cold Game Test

Jade –  Dec 2007
Passes Her Show Gundog Working Certificate at Knowle Game Farm The Labrador Retriever Club SGWC qualifying day
ALSO: Wins the Charway Trophy for the best working dog on the day

Jade –  Feb 2007
COM: URC Southern – Intermediate Cold Game Test

Shiney –  Jan 2009
Passes Her Show Gundog Working Certificate at The Ampton Estate, Suffolk The Eastern Counties Golden Retriever Club –  SGWC qualifying day

Deeds –  Jan 2006
Passes His Show Gundog Working Certificate at Hatton Grange, Salop The Labrador Retriever Club SGWC qualifying day
ALSO: Wins the Charway Trophy for the best working dog on the day



* DEEDS –  Wins Limit Dog, Special Working & Special Show Working, Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex in Show and Best Chocolate in Show at the KSSLRC Open Show September 2009! Wow!

* TOM –  Wins Minor Puppy Dog and Best Minor Puppy in Show at the KSSLRC Open Show September 2009 at his first ever show! March 2009:


Pic:   Blairshots Photography.
Our lovely girl wins the Labrador Bitch Working Gundog class in the Gamekeeper Ring for the second time in three years! Clever clever Jadey!!

************************** *

DEEDS –  Wins Post Graduate Dog and the Reserve CC at Paignton Championship show 4th August 2008 – An amazing day – Judge: Mr D Nightingale (Boothgates)

” Weeeeeeeeee!!!!!! We got the (Reserve) Golden Ticket!!!! ”

*  SHINEY –  Wins Yearling and Novice Bitch at Scottish Kennel Club Championship show 24th August 2008 – Judge: Mr B Haywood (Donacre)

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