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At Wylanbriar we are proud to offer, at stud, several well bred, KC/BVA healthtested, trainable, fit Labradors at stud. All with fantastic, typically biddable, sociable temperaments.


However breeding a litter is never something that should be undertaken lightly, or with the idea that it is a good way to:

* Definately make some money (You can just as easily have a small litter, with large vets bills and end up with a huge bill not profit)

* Teach the children about the joys of nature (It can be distressing to lose puppies at birth or even days or weeks later – and nature can be very cruel how easy or difficult whelpings can be on a bitch…..)

* Get a ‘chip off the old block’ for certain from a beloved dog (even directly related dogs can be very different from one another)

* Because a bitch *should* have a litter to calm her down (Total old wives tale, it never works and a manic, hectic bitch is NOT a good candidate to be a mother…..She may well reject the puppies and you could have to raise them yourself by hand).


Our Stud Service

With that hopefully taken onboard, we, at Wylanbriar confidently offer a stud service from our boys with 21 years experience of handling our own and others stud dogs, of several breeds, and owned by both extremely experienced, and completely novice breeders/bitch owners, alike.

As a minimum, any bitches coming to the boys will require:

* To be a good tempermented Labrador Retriever. We do *NOT* accept any breeds other than Labrador Retrievers to the boys, except for recognised and official Assistance Dog Litters.

* To be hip scored under the BVA/KC scheme.

* To be eye tested under the BVA/KC scheme clear and within the last 12 months.

* To be around 2 years of age as a minimum and 7 years of age as a maximum. Bitches having their FIRST litter will *ideally* be between 18/20 months and 4 years of age.

* Other unusual circumstances can be discussed and taken on the situations own merits. We recommend Elbow Scoring as another commonly requested test by puppy buyers and useful to breeding healthy offspring.

Your first litter will always be a daunting prospect. To assist, we can give you on request, (infact *anyone*, not just those using our boys) a leaflet we have written giving you an idea of what to plan for and consider when having a litter from your girl. We also hope that we give clear advice on when to bring your girl to the stud dogs, we make the mating as straightforward as possible (and are experienced at getting quite difficult (but blood tested ready to mate) girls mated too….), and we are there every step of the way should you need help and advice. We are always at the end of an email, a phone call or a text to offer friendy and practical help.

All upcoming litters to the boys are placed on our website and we are lucky that our website is widely viewed and many many excellent puppy homes come to you, via us. See our ‘Stud Litters page’ where we list the litters due soon to our Boys.

Important!   Should we or you feel your girl is not suited to our dogs, or you seek a different type to those we stand here at stud, we have a wide knowledge of other reputable dogs and kennels that WILL be able to meet your needs more closely so do ask even if we are not quite what you seek if you are finding choosing a stud dog difficult.


A stud service at Wylanbriar consists of you visiting us once your bitch is ready for mating, and we give two ‘good’ matings, ideally 48 hours apart. We do not board bitches here, so you will need, if you wish to use both your matings, to travel back to us two days after the first mating. Many do not USE their second mating if a long distance is to be travelled, and thats fine, but you WILL kick yourself if your girl then, does not concieve.

If your girl does not concieve, a *free return* is offered on your girls next convenient season (to you), with two further matings. We are happy for you to change dogs for your free return should you wish, within our kennel.

We are always happy to give references for our boys, and our service.


Our Stud Dogs

Following on from extremely successful and lovely producing sires retired from stud at Wylanbriar such as Bradawgonn Brigadier at Wylanbriar (Dylan) and Pawcrest Amie’able Star for Wylanbriar (Deeds), we have an exciting kennel of young dogs, all of whom are competed with, and put through as many health tests as we believe are relevent to the breed today. Please see more detail on the boys throughout our website, but especially on ‘The Boys’ pages in the section ‘Our Dogs’.


Chantillyoak Suede at Wylanbriar  –  Suede.



Chocolate carrying yellow – So if mated to a chocolate who does NOT carry yellow will produce all chocolate puppies.

If mated to a chocolate who DOES carry yellow will produce chocolate and yellow puppies.

_DSC6802 (681x1024)

If mated to a black who carries chocolate nature says should produce around 50/50 black and chocolate puppies (it will depend on if that black carries yellow as to if they will ALSO produce yellow puppies).

If mated to a black who does NOT carry chocolate or yellow will produce all black puppies.

Suede is bred:    Chocladorias Gentleman Joe x  Wylanbriar Don’t Look back for Chantillyoak.    So he is 15% Working / 85% Showbred (approx). His type is of a substantially and correctly built working dog rather than a heavy showbred dog. Suedey has type and substance but is fit and GENUINELY fit and athletic.

Hips: 4:4, Elbows: 0:0, Current Clear Eye Certificate, CNM: Clear, Optigen: Clear.  EIC: Clear.

Suede is a proven sire. His stud fee is £600.


FTW – Bedgebrook Never Say Never to Wylanbriar –  Bondy.

    Yellow – So if mated to a yellow will produce all yellow puppies. If mated to a black who carries yellow, nature says should produce around 50/50 black and yellow puppies. If mated to a black who does NOT carry yellow will produce all black puppies. If mated to a chocolate, will produce all black puppies.

Bondy is FT CH Bedgebrook Excalibur x Mansengreen Hobby of Bedgebrook –  So he is 100% Working bred. Bondy is an Open Working Test winner, a Novice Field Trial winner and has Open and All Aged field trial awards.

Hips: 4:5, Elbows: 0:0, Current Clear Eye Certificate, CNM DNA: Clear, Optigen DNA: Clear,  EIC DNA: Clear.

Bond is a proven sire. His stud fee is £600.

Bond has attained his Kennel Club Stud Book Number: 4662CV


Never Disarray at Wylanbriar  –  Ray.


Black carrying Yellow – So if mated to a black bitch carrying yellow will produce black and yellow puppies. If mated to a yellow bitch will produce black and yellow puppies. If mated to a black bitch who does NOT carry yellow will produce all black puppies, and if mated to a chocolate bitch will produce all black puppies.

Ray is:   FTW (Field Trial) Wylanbriar Wierd Fish x Bramble Ramble Pippa  –  So he is 75% Working bred  / 25% Showbred. His type is of a well muscled, good height and very masculine working bred dog, with strength and scope but is just slightly more substantial than your all working bred dog, with a slightly broader head and some very nice physcial qualities indeed.

(Pic below Ray and his Sire Fish… Ray on the far left of Allan, Fish nearest him.)

Hips: 7:3, Elbows: 0:0, Current Clear Eye Certificate, CNM: Clear, Optigen: Clear,  EIC: Clear, SD2:  Clear.

Ray is a proven sire. His stud fee is £600.

Ray has attained his Kennel Club Stud Book Number:  3434CZ


 If interested, drop us an email to discuss or give us a call.

Contact: Diana Stevens
Balcombe, West Sussex
(Just off the A23 near Haywards Heath)
0771 4458944

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