Taking a Urine Sample for a Bitch
This is a more common question than you would would think. many bitches, in the course of their life have actual or suspected urinary infections OR the vet just needs a urine sample to test for another possible condition. Sometimes owners are a little stumped how to actually get the sample. Its actually very straightforward.
Use the bitches first wee of the day. So before you let her out in the garden first thing in the morning. Put her on a lead and take her out armed with a very shallow, flat baking tray. Walk her round the garden and as she crouches slip the baking tray underneath her. Let her finish her wee on it even if it overflows, and then leave it there. Believe me if you try and pick it up wee will go EVERYWHERE! Then take her back in, bring out a measuring jug with you. Tip the baking tray contents into the measuring jug, then use the measuring jug to fill the sample tube you will have from the vets. Trying to do it almost any other way is near on impossible. Its handy to USE that first wee partly because she will be busting to go so you won’t put her off by standing with her, and ALSO the volume of wee will be much greater.
Taking a sample from a Dog.
Same process. Use the first ‘busting to go’ wee of the day. If he is a boy that cocks his leg, then use a deeper baking tray and just pop it between his ‘flow’ and what he is aiming at. Bear in mind you don’t need to catch that much for a sample. If he is a ‘straddler’ then its easy to pop the tray below him as he wee’s as they often wee for a LONG time. Then again, into the measuring jug, then into the sample tube. If he straddles for AGES then he could just wee into the measuring jug and cut out the middle man.
I’m sure that many will have this covered, but its not always the most obvious thing to do!

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