What’s in our Dog First Aid Kit 

(At Home)


What’s in our home dog first aid kit?…. Well almost everything we need for anything, that is not an emergency 🙂

… when I say we rarely have to go to the vet, I do genuinely mean that. As you slide along the years in your dog owning life, you get to have a pretty sound gut feeling for ‘home treatable’ and ’emergency/urgent’…. but it’s hugely understandable new owners would not. So Always take vet advice if worried. ….

However… I keep all the following close and also (whispers…) I tend to keep as much as possible back of anything we DO have to buy from the vets to use if the problem occurs again. (…. this of course isn’t always possible, but be a bit sparing, once the dog starts improving and you’d be amazed what you can accumulate…..)

So! We have normal eye washes and drops for gunky eyes, Optrex, supermarket own brands etc.

We have Brolene ointment, for nastier looking eye problems and minor infections.

We have Pro Fibre granules for loose poo and upset Tums…. Pro kaolin paste (which sadly I think is overrated and rarely helps adults but is good for puppy stomach upsets).

We’ve wound powder and hibiscrub, for minor grazes and wounds.

We’ve Savlon cream and the stronger Isaderm for hot spots, bites, wounds and allergic patches. We’ve clippers to shave patches bald so they can heal more effectively.

I’ve a small plastic tick puller for ticks we get now and then. If too small just leave them a day and they’ll either drop off or be big enough by then to pull off….

We’ve Metacam as an anti inflammatory pain killer… I also use 500mg paracetamol…… (and also something else beginning with Ibu (200mg)….. but I won’t list it as vets think it’s evil 😉. Its not, but you’d always want to give it with a full meal to line the stomach).

I have antihistamines. No particular brand. We always say Piriton but frankly I’ve used every sort on the market over the years to exactly the same effect for bites, stings, nettle rash on feet and noses, itchy scratching, etc etc.

I’ve ear cleaner, antibiotic ear cleaner for smellier cases, and Thornit powder which is great for drying up wet ear infections.

I’ve nail clippers, and little pups get done with human toenail clippers.

I’ve Vaseline to put on if they need lubrication.

I’ve a muzzle Incase the dog is in real pain after an accident or at any time (or difficult bitches come for mating 😉)….

I’ve Panacur granules for giardia and persistent stomach upsets. One sachet three days in a row. And I’ve Drontal wormer bought online for a couple of quid compared to the vets prices. Both sizes there… the bone shaped ones for 10kg per tablet, and the XL ones which are for 25kg plus. I’m never terribly specific. If it’s under 12 weeks it gets half a 10kg one, if it’s over it gets a whole one.

If it’s an adult it gets a XL even though few of mine are 25kgs for quite some months.

They just poo out what they don’t need.

Brushes, that’s all the brushes I own, nothing fancy. I rarely use them unless I want to get some hair for nest building birds 🤣🕊

And although not shown I’ve bandages and gauze pads.

Finally I’ve a set of PAWZ pull on large dog boots for cut pads. I must admit I’ve never used them but would for going out picking up for a dog with a minor to medium pad cut. Anything serious he’d of course stay home.

….. so it’s a shelf full, but it saves me endless time, money and worry.

My motto is usually hometreat minor to medium stuff for three days. PROPERLY Rest limps (So trips to the garden on a lead and crated the rest of the time). Piriton for itchy scratching. Painkiller for broken nails. Deep clean ears. Treat gunky eyes….. then vets if the same or no better.

That’s not a ‘how to’…. it’s a ‘how *I* do….. It does make life so much easier.

If you prefer to go to the vet for absolutely everything, please don’t let me stop you, but you’ll soon stop doing that as you accumulate extra dogs or money has a tight patch 😉

Diana Stevens – 2022

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