Afinmore Ebeshb Morpheus   –    Morph


BVA:  Hips 4:5   Elbows 0:0,  BVA/KC Eyes current Clear October 2023

CNM DNA: Clear,    PRA DNA:  Clear     EIC DNA:   Clear      SD2 DNA:    Clear       HNPK DNA:    Clear

(Afinmore Aftershock at Aarminias    x     Afinmore Andrasta at Ebshb)

DOB: 22/06/2019   –    Chocolate not carrying yellow

Registration number:   AW02423407

‘Morph’ – Such a beautifully made, handsome dog. A kind, sweet typical Labrador, of show type, with great confirmation and an outgoing happy personality to die for!

Morph is beautifully bred from very successful show lines. Many of the dogs behind him also work too. He is such a waggy loving boy, yet very concentrated when training.  Morphy is an important part of the Winter picking up team and absolutely loves his work!

Morphy WON the BASC Working Gundog Labrador class at Crufts 2022 from 28 dogs!  🙂  🙂 Clever boy!

MORPHY WINS THE BASC WORKING GUNDOG CLASS AGAIN!!! Two years in a row in March 2023, this time from over 40 dogs from all over the country! He’s such a star!!

To view Morph’s Upcoming Litters click *here*!

Morph’s photo gallery, to view the full sized photos please click on the thumbnails:

Afinmore Aftershock at Aarminias Brigburn Ta Muchly Multi Ch Thanks a lot de la Legende de la Loutre
Brigburn Marsh Orchid
Afinmore Absinthe Oakhouse Old Blue Eyes Afinmore  JW
Devonelite Utter Nonsense in Afinmore
Afinmore Andrasta at Ebshbh Afinmore Alain JW ScCM Afinmore Aristotle
Afinmore Alana
CH Afinmore Antora Sh CM Can CH Beechcrofts Pardon Me Sir
Devonelite Utter Nonsense in Afinmore

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