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Mamma Mia!!

After a fairly long drawn out whelping, Mia’s babies have arrived! They were born through the night on friday night and into saturday morning. What a lovely lovely family they are and what a gorgeous natural mother she is being…. … Continue reading

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‘Thomas!…. Jesus Christ!!’

Thomas, my adored chocolate bomb. Has, ever so slightly ‘gone off the whistle’. Hey, at this time of the shooting season, IE at the very end of it, he is in a VERY large club of other ‘not quite nailed’ … Continue reading

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Otter is Home!!

NOW, I took a pin and put it in a list of about five things I desperately want to write Dog Blogs about, and Otter won (I hope thats a good omen for the future!! grin…)! Otter from this…… (and … Continue reading

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A ‘Puptastic’ Day!

So life and generations move on, and today saw me shooting over into leafy East Sussex, to see little Otter and the brood, as well as then going down to see Bondy’s first litter in Hastings! Ironically both litters were … Continue reading

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