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Updated:  22nd July 2024

Our stud dogs are only stood to approved bitches who are at LEAST hip and elbow scored and eye tested and who are bred by breeders/owners who care very much about the welfare of their girl and the puppies produced. The Wylanbriar stud dogs are only at stud to bitches with apparently lovely natures and temperaments as, we realize, almost all puppies, will be going to be family companions.

Please be aware we always recommend the puppies from our stud dogs are sold at around £1200 – £1500, but this is at the breeders discretion and we have no control if puppies are more expensive. The occasional litter may be NON KC Registered, BUT, BOTH parents will be fully healthtested through the Hip, Elbow and eye KC BVA Schemes.

** If you are looking for a Puppy, from our boys, PLEASE join our friendly large Facebook group: ‘Wylanbriar Labradors’ where photos of Mum’s and puppies are regularly posted, and far more details given **


‘Callum’ (Field Trial Champion) – Black and Yellow Puppies

Please contact all breeders directly for detailed information


Litter by Callum BORN early May 2024 to our beautiful girl Molly. Puppies are all BLACK with ONE BLACK BITCH CURRENTLY AVAILABLE She is ready to leave immediately.

Molly is an adorable girl, as gentle as a lamb, even with our smallest 18 months old grandchild. Molly was so easy to train, walks nicely to heel both on and off lead. She, along with her sister from the same litter, Milly, are well loved, best pets. Molly is as happy outdoors as she is lounging around on the sofa. She shows great aptitude for retrieving, never giving up on the scent until she has found her quarry, always dropping it at my feet without the need for command. She is a well-defined tall and chunky girl. Her pedigree COI is 4.1%. BVA hip score is 6:2, elbow 0:0 eyes tested clear at Dec 2023.

For all enquiries, please contact breeder Nick Perkins on email or Whatsapp on 07964306374. Or Gail Perkins via messenger. Location, Hastings, Sussex.      ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME      ****


Litter by Callum BORN 28th June 2024.  Our Lovatnoir Raven is dominant black had a wonderful litter of EIGHT black puppies with 2 BLACK DOG PUPPIES CURRENTLY UNBOOKED. Pups ready to leave on or around 23rd August.

Raven has the most loving, kind and gentle nature and loves company and cuddles and makes a perfect pet dog, but has the ability to switch up a gear for Working Tests & especially on Picking-Up Work Days.  We were getting placed in Puppy Working Tests from a young age, then winning out of Novice Dog / Novice Handler by the time she was 16 months old.  She is now working at Open Level and has been placed in both Open Working Tests and Walked up On Field Trial Lines. Raven is consistent and always happy – just like Callum was on the days we went to see him & all the times we have met him out at trials. They make a perfect happy couple!

We had her first litter in 2022 with all new puppy homes delighted with their dogs and we kept Phoenix who is proving to be magical at her work and in her temperament around the home.  At 18 months she is getting some lovely scores in her early days at tests too.

You will find we have 3 generations to be viewed with the Grandma, Daughter, Granddaughter and an Aunty still all living with us – so plenty of examples of the look and feel of our breeding.  If you are into working tests you will come across Lovatnoir Raven (Open), Lovatnoir Ouzel (Open) , Lovatnoir Lanner Falcon (Novice) ,  Lovatnoir Fiachra Ravena (Novice), Lovatnoir Corbeau (ND/NH) and Lovatnoir Bonelli (ND/NH) out in the circuit of tests …

Please contact Jacqueline Mason based nr Ashford in Kent by What’s App / Text on mob:  07801 045474.  Or email on     ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME    ****


Litter by CALLUM will be DUE mid July. Lovely Litter of Black and possibly Yellow puppies expected. Puppies will be ready to leave beginning of September 2024. This is (hopefully!) Margot’s first litter.

Margot is a gorgeous girl with a beautiful nature. In addition she has perfect Hip and Elbow scores of ZERO all round. She also has other health tests clear with BVA/KC clear eyes.

Margot is a much loved part of a busy family home. Her fabulous nature ensures she takes part in all we do and she loves learning new stuff and meeting new people. She has always been a total poppet!

She takes part in Gundog training classes, and has been picking up very successfully most weekends last season. Margot’s puppies will make fabulous, loving family dogs, or shooting and training companions, thanks to her fab lines from Wylanbriar and Lewtrenchard, amongst others.

Please contact this breeder Kate Hool who is based between Pulborough and Petworth West Sussex by What’s App/text on 07738573023   or   email:      ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME    ****     ****    CONFIRMED IN PUP    ****


My beautiful, award winning, black labrador named Whisper, is DUE her second litter in early August, Puppies will leave Early October.

I decided to breed from her again following the huge success of the last litter also by Callum. My bitch is FTAW Bancyboblen Whisper, she has won field trial awards and picks up regularly. She has very good health tests, including 0/0, 2/2 hips and a current eye test. She is an extremely loving and well-behaved bitch and is always amongst, if not the best, dog at every event which I take her to. Callum is the same Sire as used last time and he is a field trial champion and Crufts winner.

The puppies are expected to be BLACK AND YELLOW, and will be extremely well socialised with people, selected other dogs and young children. They will be content living in an outdoor kennel, but also happy indoors as they will spend time in both environments. They will all be vet checked, microchipped and ready for the next chapter in their lives before they leave me. Every pup in Whispers previous litter, found a great home including one with a Yorkshire Vet, several as working gun dogs, one doing agility competitions and some as loving family pets. I am a dog trainer and still work with several of the owners and it is great to see them progress so well and so quickly.  Puppies can be kept until they meet their new owners’ requirements (obviously at an extra cost), which can range from a few extra weeks to being lead and house trained, able to do simple retrieves and content as young working dogs.
For more information, please call Lindsay Hudson 07887 932465 Based North Essex   ****     CONFIRMED IN PUP    ****     ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME    ****


‘Rocks’   –  Black, Yellow and Chocolate Puppies

Please contact breeders directly for detailed information:


Litter by Rocks BORN early July. Gorgeous litter of SEVEN BLACK AND YELLOW PUPPIES with TWO BLACK BITCHES AND ONE BLACK DOG PUPS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Puppies will be leaving early September 2024.

Alto is a sweet girl who is very affectionate and loves to please. She is extremely biddable and loves new challenges. She is a mixture of show and working lines. The puppies will be raised in our busy family home, along with her mother, and three other dog family members. The puppies will make fabulous family dogs or shooting and training companions.

Alto is fully health tested with a BVA Hip score of 3-6 and Elbows of 0:0, eyes clear. We are based in Dorking, Surrey.

Please contact this experienced breeder Michele Jordan on email: or WhatsApp / Call on 07973518314     ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME    ****


‘Dare’ (Field Trial Award Winner) –   Yellow and Black Puppies

Please contact all breeders directly for detailed information


Litter by Dare DUE mid JULY 2024. Lovely all BLACK litter expected. Puppies will be ready to leave around mid SEPT 2024.

Mum is a beautiful black girl of working lines and is a daughter of the handsome Callum. She is a gentle, friendly, biddable girl of compact stature. This is a repeat mating with Dare, pups from last year all healthy and fabulous! Duffy was a great Mum. Puppies will be raised in a busy household with both younger and older children. She is fully health-tested.

These puppies will make wonderful training companions or active family dogs. Please contact this breeder:  Katie Duffy who is near Hassocks in West Sussex and is on email: or contact 07398 960495.    ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME    ****    ****    CONFIRMED IN PUP    ****


Litter by Dare BORN end of June 2024. All being well, puppies will be available for collection during the August Bank Holiday weekend. There are ONE BLACK DOG AND ONE YELLOW DOG PUPS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. 

Mother, Lyra, is an affectionate and much loved working black Labrador with registered name Dukesholt Blueberry of Gatelodge. Born in 2019, she is a daughter of the lovely Callum and Lola, a gorgeous girl from entirely working lines that include well known kennel names such as Delfleet and Copperbirch.

Lyra has proved to be an excellent working gundog and is very popular with everyone she meets in the shooting field. She is small in stature but has tremendous stamina and is a driven and intelligent hunter. Lyra is fully health tested with a hip score of 4/4 and elbow score 0/0. The puppies should make excellent working/shooting/trialling companions or equally suit an active family environment. They will have hereditary clearance for SD2, PRA, EIC and CNM.

Her owner is an experienced gundog breeder and welcomes all enquiries by calling 07821839993 (Julia) or via email at     ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME    ****


‘Cody’ – Black and Yellow Puppies

Please contact all breeders directly for detailed information


Litter by Cody DUE 26th July 2024 to lovely Holly. Puppies will be ready for new homes middle/end September 2024 and will be BLACK and YELLOW.

This will be Holly’s 3rd and final litter.
Holly is all working lines, small framed, sweet, calm, quiet girl, she is great with my grandchildren and is happy wether on holiday with the family or picking up with me in the season, she just loves to please. I bred Holly myself, she has the same dad as the wonderful Callum. She lives in a busy household with lots of other dogs. BVA Hip score of 6/6 Elbows of 0:0 and a current clear eye certificate.
Puppies will make fabulous family, working or training companions.

Please contact breeder Jayne Jones on email: or via WhatsApp or Messenger
Telephone 07785910899
****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME    ****    ****    CONFIRMED IN PUP    ****


Litter of BLACK AND YELLOW pups by Cody DUE Mid August. Ready to leave mid October 2024.

Mum is a family pet from working lines and lives with her Mum and Granny.  She is a second generation Wylanbriar, dad is Rocks and Grandad was Ray. She is very loving and bidable. The pups would be as happy to be working/competition as being cuddled up with you and enjoying long walks. The pups will be born and raised inside my home.

Breeder is Miranda Pocock, I live in Hassocks, West Sussex (BN6). Contact details are 07707080020 or     ****     ENQUIRIES WELCOME      ****     ****     CONFIRMED IN PUP     ****


‘Morph’ –   Chocolate and Black Puppies

Please contact all breeders directly for detailed information


A really exciting litter by Helkelbecian Judith Jane (J-J) and Morph DUE end July 2024. Ready to leave home late September 2024.

This is J-Js final litter and is a fabulous repeat litter with BLACK and CHOCOLATE puppies expected, so don’t miss out on this last opportunity to own an exceptional J-J puppy.
J-J is a daughter of the lovely Suedey and is a sister of Dare by a different Sire. She lives with her Mum (who is Dare’s Mum) and her daughter from her Rocks litter. She is a beautiful girl who is of moderate build and has a real presence in her stature. Lovely natured, biddable and keen to please. Very affectionate. Fully health tested with perfect 0:0 hips. Pups will be raised in busy/active household including small children. She was an excellent mum to her last 2 litters.
Pups will make fabulous training companions or active family dogs. Experienced breeder having used Wylanbriar studs for 10 years.

Please contact Helen Hancox on email: or by WhatsApp on 07730 944950. We are based in Downham Market in Norfolk
 ****    CONFIRMED IN PUP     ***    ****    WAITING LIST CURRENTLY FULL    ****


Litter by Morph DUE early August. Puppies will be leaving early October 2024. ALL PUPPIES WILL BE CHOCOLATE.

Nellie is 3 years old- she is very affectionate and is a beautiful girl inside and out. She has a lovely temperament. She is a petite pale chocolate daughter of Rocks. She comes from a mixture of show and working lines. Nellie loves doing Gundog training and is progressing with this, she is keen to please. This is Nellies second litter and she has proven to be a fabulous mother.
The puppies will be raised in our busy family home, with Nellies Mum- Pippin and Nellies sister Meg and teenage children. The puppies will make fabulous family dogs or shooting and training companions.

Nellie is kennel club registered, fully health tested with a BVA Hip score of 0:2 and Elbows of 0:0, eyes clear.

We have been breeding with Wylanbriar Labradors for 5 years. We are assured kennel club breeders and love what we do.

We are based near Tunbridge Wells, Kent.
Please contact breeder Andree Edwards on email: or WhatsApp / Call on 07738933952      ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME    ****    ****    CONFIRMED IN PUP    ****


Litter by Morph DUE early August 2024. Ready to leave late September 2024. An all CHOCOLATE litter is expected. Puppies will be a mix of show and working lines with lots of Wylanbriar legends in their pedigree. They will make amazing family pets and training companions for active homes.

Mum is Zephie, a gorgeous chocolate Rocks/Alba daughter who was bred by us. She is buzzy and clever in training while being super soft natured and affectionate. Zephie is KC registered and fully health-tested. Our puppies are raised in a busy family home with all of the hustle and bustle of domestic life that brings! Zephie has been a brilliant role model and play mate to Alba’s puppies and we are very excited to see her welcome her own first litter.

Please contact Kate Hahn (Jones), based in NE Somerset at     ****    ENQUIRIES WELCOME     ****     **** CONFIRMED IN PUP      ****


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