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I decided to keep a bit of a diary type thing. Not daily, but a record of what goes on here at the ‘ranch’. Hopefully I will add some pictures along the way too. Below are our most recent entries….:

The boring disclaimer bit: please note any opinions or thoughts written, are, entirely my own, and in no way express what *should* or *shouldn’t* be taken as gospel or any offence be taken if they seem in any way, controversial. I’m purely sharing thoughts and recording events…..

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Dog Blog and Facebook :-)

Hi all! Thank you for reading this. I must admit I find it hard to find time these days to keep the blog going. Its been a long time since I last wrote, so I thought, and I think the best thing to do, because all our news is reported in our lovely, friendly Facebook group… is to ask anyone interested in the ‘latest goings on’ with the Wylanbriar Labradors, to ask to join our ‘Wylanbriar Labradors and other Grandkids’ Facebook group at this link:

We would love to see you there!!



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Mia finds a wonderful family….

IMG_7832 (Medium)


This is not an easy post to write, but bear with me. We made the very difficult and tearful decision to allow Mia to go to a new home recently. She has been with the most stunning, fabulous family near Guildford for the last couple of weeks, and is absolutely ecstatically happy. They adore her, she adores them, she has two children to play with, loads and loads of garden and ground and fantastic walks. She is playing fetch, curling on the sofa and sleeping in one of her THREE beds scattered upstairs and downstairs! She has a box of toys, and more cuddles and love than you can shake a stick at. Sadly, we are not a big kennel in terms of space, and Mia had the most beautiful litter (which I had planned to repeat this year), but never really took to gundog work as she might have…. Shes a sweet soft girl looking for a quiet life…. she preferred to climb on a lap.

She adored having babies but I don’t want dogs here with ONLY breeding as a life, they need a hobby too even if they don’t compete. So whilst Ruby takes to training like a duck to water and will be resuming after the babies and picking up with Tom all next winter, Mia, for her own quality of life is shortly to be spayed and will live her life at the pace she and her new family chose. I realise some will find this hard to understand. Its not easy for us, and it was only because the perfect home arrived out the blue. We love her, and always will and will see her regularly in the faces of her wonderful puppies!! xxx

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The ‘Ruby-Shoes’ are on their way! – 24th Jan 13′

Hi!!! Its been a while. I will promise to turn over a new leaf and keep this blog updated but the i’ve said that before 😉 So much happens, and then arrived Facebook in my life… and the blog seems to go by the wayside which is BAD!!

Big news today here – Ruby has been scanned in pup with Tommy babies! We saw around 7 – 9 but you can never be quite sure with an ultrasound. I don’t always scan the girls but Ruby was keeping things a huge secret and now, approaching week 5, I got impatient! And I’m glad I did!

The Ultrasound piccies from this morning …. ahhhhh… blessss 😉

IMG_20130124_0001 (Medium)


So now, my little brown girlie has about 4 weeks to go, due around 24th/25th of February! So we are all excited awaiting their arrival, its been a while since we had a chocolate litter here at Wylanbriar, not since their FATHER was born actually!

Memories!!!! Of that gorgeous litter…..

So we shall keep you posted and meantime we will take great care of Rubes, on this her first litter, currently she is blooming!   Di  xx


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Mamma Mia!!

After a fairly long drawn out whelping, Mia’s babies have arrived! They were born through the night on friday night and into saturday morning. What a lovely lovely family they are and what a gorgeous natural mother she is being…. just like her mum Shiney always was! She adores them and is utterly at one with dealing with them now, after a shaky start when she looked at the first born puppy and went ‘What the HELL is THAT? Get it away from me!!!’  😉

She is eating brilliantly and feeding them so much they are fat little beach balls now! These pics were taken the day after they were born. i will keep everyone firmly posted as they grow!!

I’m pleased to say they are all sold to lovely people from as far as East Yorkshire, down to Devon! Mia and the brood send love to all!

More as they grow!!!!!

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Mia is in pup!

….. I do apologise, since I discovered the *wonders* of Facebook, the poor old blog has suffered terribly! This is something I am determinned to get on as by god a lot happens month to month here… but todays news is BIIIGGGG!!!

Mia is pregnant! Woooooooooooooooooo!! 

‘Babies! I think I’m going to like babies!’ – thinks Mia  😉

After our false start last time round (when I got my mating days wrong I’m sure!) we used FT CH Bedgebrook Excalibur, the VERY lovely (and VERY clever!) Scally, and having played her cards really close to her chest, we took her for an ultrasound yesterday at 4 weeks and a few days. And… babies!! And several of them!!

So we are now alerting the waiting list and crossing fingers! She is due sort of 23rd/24th July type time…. and we are excited!

Bootee City!! More as it happens!!   xx

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