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A ‘Puptastic’ Day!

So life and generations move on, and today saw me shooting over into leafy East Sussex, to see little Otter and the brood, as well as then going down to see Bondy’s first litter in Hastings! Ironically both litters were … Continue reading

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Jadey – A year on….

We lost our Jade a year ago today. … They say ‘Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. There was times after she died, I wasn’t so sure. I think it was, singularly, the most painful thing that has ever … Continue reading

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Good Citizen-ship!

So much happens here at Chez Wylanbriar on a week to week basis that its crazy that i’m not ‘blogging it’ every second day, but I really wanted to write about a truely lovely day yesterday, saturday 2nd April, at … Continue reading

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