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Mamma Mia!!

After a fairly long drawn out whelping, Mia’s babies have arrived! They were born through the night on friday night and into saturday morning. What a lovely lovely family they are and what a gorgeous natural mother she is being…. … Continue reading

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Mia is in pup!

….. I do apologise, since I discovered the *wonders* of Facebook, the poor old blog has suffered terribly! This is something I am determinned to get on as by god a lot happens month to month here… but todays news … Continue reading

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Mia babies hopefully on the way!

Life wouldn’t be interesting if we didn’t change like the wind, here at Wylanbriar In an ideal world, mating Mia late next summer was not what we would of wished for, because we REALLy don’t like shooting season puppies. So … Continue reading

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‘Seasonal’ Changes here!

APART from all the trialing, training and picking up we have been doing over the last few weeks there have been a few huge changes here at Chez Wylanbriar. Firstly, its been a hard decision, but we decided to spay … Continue reading

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Otter is Home!!

NOW, I took a pin and put it in a list of about five things I desperately want to write Dog Blogs about, and Otter won (I hope thats a good omen for the future!! grin…)! Otter from this…… (and … Continue reading

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