Tuesday 17th Nov

Only Tuesday! Are you impressed…?  😉 I wanted to drop in and say we didn’t get a run on Saturday but then, with 80mph winds going on it was not the hugest hardship in the world I must admit! 😉 What a wimp! So now waiting on hearing from UGS Kent for this Saturday. I am number 29 so who knows? ….. Have to say Mallie is a bit rusty. Been concentrating so much on the youngsters. Maybe thats the answer….. I’ll wheel her out having not done a thing for weeks, and she will be so thrilled she is back doing stuff she will behave her brown arse! Hmmmm……   😉

I feel we need to stand up and lets hear a round of applause for Bondy. (Clapping……)  😉 Bondy’s penny has dropped. Infact its more like hes won the lottery than had a penny drop…. He LOVES training now… Now I have to take my hat off to Gilly and to a friend, Andrew from Lowforge Gundogs who both strictly told me not to expect too much too soon. To take it very slowly. That it would come in time. And course I twitched and did a bit… then did nothing… then wondered why he just wasn’t picking it up well… and then suddenly he LOOKS older, he has broadened out (a bit! Hes still a size zero rolemodel!) he has muscled up a little and his brain has switched into ‘I love retrieving’ mode! Love that boy! Meercats unite to take on the brown dogs next year!  😉

Now you know I spoke about only being happy when I had something to worry about? My new worry is next year and working tests. Its not a huge one, just a little one but I thought i’d share it so, next year, when my working test friends are all moaning at me, I can say ‘didn’t you read my blog????!! No??? Well I KNEW you guys were going to say this!!!!’  DOUBLE DOGS. RUNNING TWO DOGS IN A TEST. Oh gosh do people moan! I’ve done it myself (on the weeks I haven’t been running two dogs – snigger, giggle, wink….) Looks like we will be having a summer of double dogs…. Puppy tests etc etc…. guys…. cut me some slack…. 😉 There aren’t enough puppy tests to run one per week 😉 Well maybe there is…. I shall see who develops first 😉 THERE, I’ve said it. I will apologise NOW to anyone I have to beg to hold one of my plunging fools whilst I bolt off with the other! I shall bring sweet…… to EVERY test….. and a hip flask….. I hope thats covered me!   😉

Still no Fish scores. Not expecting them yet. But be nice if they turned up! Well…… probably!!!!!!! Depending on what they are!  😉

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