Allan writes:

I Don’t write often, but need to do this to release pressure that’s been building allday.

I’m sitting here at 6.45pm with my first scotch of the evening (first of many). This morning I lost my princess, my picking up companion, my peg dog and ultimately my best friend. Jade. She was just 6 years old, she’s been taken way before her time.

I’ve known Jade for 3 and a half years. In that time she has introduced and taught me about working tests. The positives and the pit falls. All the stories on this website about Jade and me are spot on, the time she basically called herself up at a SEGS Novice walked up, having taken 15 backs to get her to the area only for her to tell me that there was nothing there and she was coming back like it or not. But then also there were the times when everything went to plan and we sneaked the occasional card here an there and I felt like we were on cloud nine. We were a team.

But to me Jadey excelled out in the shooting field. When we were picking up we were bloody brilliant and I have to say although it was mainly all Jadey, by christ she made me look good. For a girl that shy’s away from any cover when there was dummies involved, the gloves certainly came off when she saw the first bird fall. Nothing would stop here, unfortunately sometimes even me, when she hadn’t actually been sent!! All the guns thought the world of her, hardly anything got away and she had a nose that could find even the trickiest of birds. My god nigel (shoot captain) will be worrying about the bag when he here’s you wont be there this year.

Jade I can’t believe you’re gone, I feel numb. Although I know the scotch will soon take effect, I know I’m only delaying the inevitable tears and heart ache. I can promise you that I will be all out to suceed with the wonderful son you gave us. Fish we have a lot to life upto mate. Jade I will never forget what you’ve given us and especially what you’ve done for me. Thank you for everything.

Sleep well my princess

Dad X.

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