On the way back from a trial recently, one with a long drive home, a 3 hour drive home, and one that saw us both dismally taking the walk of shame by the second round (just to balance against the good times!), we were mulling over just how suited Al and I were to our respective boys, Fish and Bondy.

Its a fluke really. The boys are so different, and Allan and I are so different. Al and Fish are both cool, laid back, what will be will be types. They work together so well because Al will send Fish for something, it will go wrong, they will look at one another, shrug, Fish will come in, and they will try again…. and usually succeed. No flapping, no dramatics, all very calm and dignified.

Allan calls me and Bondy the two blondes. We both are direly lacking in self belief sometimes, and self confidence. We fly off the handle, and a typical example would be I’ll send Bondy, it will all go pearshaped, and I will stamp about shrieking that hes a damn idiot and is he STUPID or something, and he will throw himself about and shriek back that ‘I sent him completely bloody WRONG, and did I not even THINK about the damn wind, and I’m the cretin…flap, flap, shriek, bicker’!!!!!

Then he’ll condesend to come back in, he’ll mutter ‘cretin’ and me, I’ll whisper ‘pillock’ to him… then think it through a bit more, send him right, and he’ll go fantastic… bounce back in with me whooping and skipping about, he’ll throw himself six foot in the air to deliver and we will both congratulate ourselves on being so damn brilliant and what a TEAM!!!   😉    😉

We adore each other but we fight like cat and dog 😉 Al and Fish have never had a cross word between them in their lives 😉  

I picture Al and Fish like Eric and Ernie, tucked up in bed together drinking cocoa in striped Pyjamas reading the sunday papers. You gotta love em’! Couldn’t be better suited!

Fish and Al:

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