So this blog is a ‘warts and all’ Blog ;-)

So this blog is a ‘warts and all’ Blog 😉 And so therefore will be completely honest in it 😉 Today was the first Open working test of the season. It was a ‘Walked up on field trial lines’ at Steve Kings at Knowle. Super, smashing lovely etc etc. Only slightly NOT. 😉 I wasn’t alone in thinking their dog had slightly lost its mind, but we kindly stayed in for three retrieves, only one of which I would have rated in any-way, and one of which I probably would have suggested, if I were one of the three panel judge, that I turned her into a pair of brown slippers at the earliest opportuinity, and so it was one those ‘so/so’ days. That might, infact be being a tad generous. ;-(

A lovely test day marred, for me, by our performance. Funnily enough she definately thought it was on game. I’ve never seen her shake like that on dummies, but seen as we have been to Kingy’s place probably 10 times in the last twelve months and NEVER picked anything but game there I suppose you can in some ways forgive her. However ‘might-be-on-game’ is no excuse to shut part of your brain DOWN and not handle so thats that. Goodnight Vienna. And rightly so!

A lovely test which ended in the Pepperpot Inn which, to be honest, was a GREAT TONIC! The company was excellent and the banter better 😉

A few other bits of news. I took a group on Friday which i have christened ‘Triallers in triangles’. Basically these are some ladies that are taking the plunge to enter both the Field Trial class at Crufts but also the BASC ring ‘Pickers Up and Beaters’ and the ‘Picking up Team’ class. They were all excellent. I think the thing being they did realise there is actually more to successfully showing a dog than they thought, and their good looking, well made, working dogs will hopefully do well at Crufts and restore their faith in the fact that the breed standard is about function not dogs that stand still and wag.

Ok – Shiney. Oh my goodness, that girl! Three good matings with the Fishmeister. And she is ploddy, extra loving and walking around in a dream 😉 Lets hope we have ‘tiny tadpoles’ on the way! There may be stop press news to add shortly about this whole malarky but will update you as a when! Have three off for their eye certificates tomorrow, cross fingers for us! You never know…. !!!! (Bites nails!)

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