Thank you

I have to say how unbelieveably touched Allan and I am by the outpouring of love help and support from our friends, contacts, and even people we have never met who have written on our guestbook, on the Labrador Forum, have rung us, text us, have emailed, we have had flowers, photos and special gifts and a plea to just ask if we need help. Thank you. Thank you. I have never not been able to use words. Words mean a lot to me and I usually find them a comfort. But right now I want the words to come to explain what happened, but as yet, we just don’t know, and I just can’t find them. We thought it was cancer, but it is infact some poison she ingested of some sort, somewhere. The biopsy will show what chemical but probably not where it was located as we are very careful at home, so it has to be on a walk. I want to say about my Jadey and what she meant to us. In time I will. But right now I can’t. It would be admitting she was gone. And right now I am not still sure I can completely do that. That would tip a delicate balance downhill. Maybe Tomorrow.

Thank you and all our heartfelt love and thanks to everyone who has somehow made contact. It means the world to us.

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